I am a professor of kinesiology at Calvin University. I've spent many of my years in higher education as a department chair, and for most of those I was also the supervisor of intercollegiate athletics, which provided me with an administrative perspective on sport.  My work in the classroom focuses on sport and exercise psychology, motor learning, and philosophy.  I enjoy teaching and challenging the next generation. Christian education has always been important to me, and I appreciate that I'm given a space to help my students see and learn through faith-filled lens.

But as an academic my work doesn't stop there.  I also research and share; that can look different depending on what I'm working on.  Below are a few highlights that I believe further the goal of integrating sport and faith into our everyday lives.


Sport & Faith

The 2nd Global Congress on Sport and Christianity will take place October 23-27, 2019 on the campus of Calvin University. The conference is an opportunity for faith-filled people from around the globe to come together and affect a culture shift in modern sport through the sharing of ideas and practices. We welcome participants from every angle: Christian intellectuals, pastors, sport administrators, coaches, families and individual athletes. 

The Declaration

Christians today are questioning the role that their faith plays in sport. The Declaration on Sport and the Christian Life was written to reach not only those who are already considering their faith and sport, but also those who have engaged in the cultural practice of sport without realizing there might be a way that sport affects their lives. Hence, the Declaration on Sport and the Christian Life is a twelve point document detailing how to fit sport within a Christian framework.


I research and I write when I can, mostly trying to bridge the gap between sometimes stuffy academic ideas and practitioners working in sport. I enjoy collaborating with others on writing projects and doing some on my own. I have written for many different academic magazines and journals. And, my first book was just published!